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(01) Heavy III
(02) Heavy II — Sold out
(03) Heavy I — Sold out
(04) Golden Persimmons II
— Brian Kanagaki

(05) Northern Rivers          
— Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul 
(06) Palm Book

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  1. Heavy III spotlights work and words from 17 contemporary photographers and writers. Through the dialogue between artist & author, the dissemination of ideas & photographic process is explored, landing firmly at the confluence of where images are made and how they are read.

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(03) Heavy I — Sold out

Heavy: Volume One. Drawing together a diverse group of past contributors from our online platform, The Heavy Collective has made the leap from the screen, making a tangible connection between artist and paper.

Featuring - words and work from Bryan Schutmaat, Mark Steinmetz, Lucas Foglia, Stacy Kranitz, Tim Page, Kate Peters, Zhang Xiao, Sara Cwynar, Simon Davidson, Emmanuel Angelicas and Daniel Boetker Smith. Volume One is a significant showcase of contemporary photography, a compendium of the relationships and archive The Heavy Collective have fostered with some of the most important photographers working today.

128 pages Text 157gsm Matt artpaper Cover 270 gsm Mohawk VIA Linen 30 cm x 21 cm Softcover ISBN : 978-0-9943122-0-4 1000 copies